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You know how sometimes you just need to find a product, like a set of travel cutlery, flameless candles or eco sustainable party products, and you decide to widen your search by looking on line? You know how 3 hours later you’ve been sucked deep into a vortex of products you can’t actually touch to compare, and you still don’t know whether to get the ones made of wax or resin? Well we know that feeling too. In fact we’ve HAD that feeling – a lot!


Elk & Bear was founded by two entrepreneurs – one who loves stuff that works, and the other who loves stuff that looks good. We’re into form and function, convenience and design. One of us has a background in engineering plus health and wellness (I know, weird) and the other teaches meditation and has a background in props and set decoration for the film industry (yes, also weird) which means a lot of hunting for the perfect thing at the perfect price, with just the right look and best function.


All this boils down to one thing: at Elk & Bear, we care about what we sell, we care that it works, we care how it looks, and we care about you. We want you to be happy.


At Elk and Bear, we tune into the latest trends and needs – the things you’re looking for, – and then we scour the manufacturing world to source the BEST version of it. If we think it can be improved, we’ll make changes, and then we’ll bring it to you!


It’s that simple. We’re about finding you the best versions of the stuff you want, and making it easily available.


Our Elk and Bear: Handpicked Logo is our seal of approval, and your money back 100% guarantee of happiness. Welcome to our world.




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Sheridan, WY

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