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Warranty Claims 

We apologize if your Elk & Bear hose is defective and requires replacement.  We are being impacted by the global shipping crisis due to the pandemic.  As you are probably aware, the supply chain has been greatly impacted and materials and products are not being delivered.  We have hoses that have been sitting at the port for over 6 weeks.

We understand you need your replacement hose, however, we do not have the inventory to replace it at this time.

We are a small USA based Woman Owned Business that has proudly kept our doors open and have kept all of our employee on the payroll WITHOUT any taxpayer money, even though we were eligible to take federal COVID aid.  Please be patient as we diligently work to keep our doors open and keep Americans employed.  We cannot replace your hose at this time.  We hope to have more hoses by the end of July. 

Please be patient and we will resume warranty claims when we are able.  We appreciate your understanding during this extraordinary time.    

Thank you!

Elk and Bear

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