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A valid proof of purchase receipt from an Elk and Bear will be required to make a Warranty claim.

To make a claim, please fill out the warranty form at                

In the event that you have a Warranty Claim on an Elk and Bear Product, these are the TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE Elk and Bear LIFETIME WARRANTY

1. Authentic Elk and Bear Products:

Please note: Elk and Bear has no Authorized Re-sellers of their products.  When purchased on or, please ensure your cart reads, “Sold by Elk and Bear and Fulfilled By Amazon.”  If Elk and Bear is not the “Sold By” Seller on, the warranty is void.  When a consumer purchases from an unauthorized source, even one operating as an apparently legitimate business, they are buying, by legal definition, used or re-sold products. When a consumer buys from an unauthorized re-seller or retailer, or from an unauthorized online re-seller, they are almost always buying re-sold items without manufacturer’s warranties regardless of any statements or claims made by that seller. This is the published policy of many brands and companies, not just Elk and Bear.  If you purchase through Amazon Warehouse deals, these are items that have been returned.  They are not eligible for the Lifetime Warranty as we cannot authenticate their condition or who manufactured them.

2. Warranty for Residential Use Only:

Products are intended for residential use only.  Commercial use is not covered by the warranty.



Warranty does not apply to any incidental losses or accidental damage or breakage, or for any damage caused by: transporting; dropping; freezing; improper maintenance; commercial use; modifications; alterations; negligence; abuse; improper care; product not registered within 2 weeks of purchase; normal and reasonable wear and tear; floods, storms or natural disasters. Warranty coverage does not extend to scratches, dents, chips, or minor cosmetic flaws that does not affect the performance or structural integrity of the product.  Any product purchased at a 50% or greater discount does not qualify for a replacement.  The original hose will be replaced at any time during ownership.  The replacement hose is not covered by a lifetime guarantee.  Sorry, it isn't free hoses for life.

4. LIFETIME: The term Lifetime does not refer to Free Hoses for Life.  Your original hose will be replaced at anytime of failure.  The replacement hose is not covered under the replacement program.  In the event that Elk and Bear chooses to replace a replacement hose, the maximum number of replacements will be set at 3 year. 

5. If supply is interrupted due to pandemics, acts of God, supply chain issues or any other reason products are not available, this warranty is considered void.  NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED.  

5. COVERAGE UNDER THE WARRANTY: Original Elk and Bear products that are found to have defects in materials or workmanship, and that are covered under a valid and registered Warranty, will be replaced or repaired at the sole discretion of Elk and Bear at no cost for the warranted item or component.  Customer will only be charged shipping for the new product.  Any Warranty claim must include an accurate description of the problem and visual evidence of the defective part.

6. Refunds will not be made outside of Amazon's return window.  Any refunds will void the warranty on all hoses purchased.  For example, if you order two hoses and submit a refund for hose #1, the warranty on hose #2 is void.

7. WARRANTY CLAIM PROCEDURE: An Amazon Order ID or proof of purchase from will be required to make a Warranty claim. In order to start the warranty claim process, please go to

Do not ship or mail any components for a Warranty claim before filing out a warranty claim, as in some cases it may not be necessary to return the warranted part. Our goal is to make any Warranty claim as simple as possible. 

If your order is still within the return window for Amazon, you must return to Amazon and reorder.  You may then reorder or if you choose, wait for your replacement after the return window closes.  This is to prevent a customer receiving a replacement, then returning the defective unit to Amazon and receiving a refund, giving the customer a free product.  (yes, it’s happened!)

Replacements are sent to US addresses only.  If a replacement is requested with non US address, shipping and duty fees must be paid by the buyer.

Warranty terms subject to change at any time without notice.  If a product is discontinued, all warranties are void and no refunds will be issued for defective products unless they are within the Amazon return window.

Elk and Bear is a Registered Trademark

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