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Elk & Bear Announce Huge Discount on iPhone 6/6s Wireless Receiver Cases

It's no secret that Qi wireless charging has taken off around the globe in the last couple of years. From Ikea to Toyota, everyone is jumping on board – hotels are offering wireless charging in rooms and lobbies, and Virgin Atlantic offers wireless charging in lounges at London's Heathrow and Gatwick airports.

Wireless charging is showing up everywhere. In-car wireless phone charging systems are being added to new cars at a feverish pace. Toyota led the way in 2013 by adding wireless charging to the Avalon model. Now other automakers are following suite including Lexus, Jeep, Cadillac, Dodge, GMC and Chevrolet. Just place a cell phone on the charging tray, and it begins to charge. No wires, no plugs, no searching for a charger. The catch is, the phone must be Qi wireless charging compatible, and iPhone 6/6s is not among the huge list of compatible phones.

Apple may or may not develop their own wireless charging pads so they aren't building in Qi wireless compatibility on their phones until that decision is made. Unfortunately that leaves iPhone 6/6s users left behind in a world that is rapidly embracing Qi wireless charging.

"It's frustrating that Apple won't add wireless charging compatibility to my iPhone 6s. I have Qi wireless charging in my new car, and I can't even use it." Said Apple customer Walter Holt.

So when a small US company called Elk and Bear: handpicked entered the market earlier this year with a wireless receiver case that makes it possible for Apple users to charge wirelessly, sales were brisk .

"We were thrilled to be received so well, and happy that we could fill a genuine gap in services for iPhone users," Said CEO Leo Hamel.

This week, Elk and Bear has announced that their iPhone 6 receiver case, POWER by Elk and Bear, will be discounted 20% until Dec 25th, while quantities last. The receiver case is available exclusively on

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