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Contactless Theft On The Rise As Banks Shift to RFID Enabled Credit Cards

Contactless Theft On The Rise As Banks Shift to RFID Enabled Credit Cards

Experts Predict Rise In Prices As A Result. Retailers May Be Forced to Raise Prices To Compensate for Loses

Beginning in October 2015, all major US banks will be changing from magnetic strip to RFID chip enabled cards. The chips enable buyers to use a system of wireless payment devices at stores, speeding up the check out process. These cards are faster and easier to read at the check out counter, and unfortunately easy to read by thieves. Experts say the number of wireless identity thefts will increase dramatically by the end of 2015.

Wireless identity theft, also known as electronic skimming or contactless identity theft is when someone gains an individual’s personal information using wireless, radio frequency. According to Leo Hamel, digital security expert of VAULT Security brand, “Contactless identity theft is a very serious issue with the new RFID credit cards. All a thief needs to steal sensitive information is a free Android app. Consumers need to know how to protect themselves.”

After October 2015, all US credit and debit cards, government issued ID cards and US passports will contain radio frequency enabled chips. When these chips come in contact with a wireless reader, anyone can see the personal information, including the person’s name, address, Social Security Number and account numbers.

It’s very simple for a thief to electronically skim a person’s credit card information, then use it to create a clone of that credit card. The cloned card can be used up to 3 times before the bank cancels the account. All of the equipment used to skim and clone the card is inexpensive and readily available online. And there are many websites dedicated to teaching people how to wirelessly steal.

Hamel points out, “Imagine being on vacation and your credit card is cancelled because it was stolen. But, the card is still in your wallet! Now you’re stuck out of town with no credit card. This is happening more and more frequently with electronic skimming. It’s costing everyone time and money.”

Experts predict millions of dollars will be lost to contactless identity theft. According to Hamel, “Consumers won’t be held responsible for the actual losses on their cards, but merchants will have to raise prices to offset those loses from electronic theft. And that affects all of us.”

It’s very simple to protect oneself from this danger. VAULT created credit card and passport protector sleeves that effectively block unwanted electronic readers. When asked why people should choose VAULT credit card sleeves, Hamel said "our credit card protectors use both copper and aluminum to block wireless transmission of credit card and passport information. It’s a simple, inexpensive solution that will save people time, money and headaches.”

According to Mary Willings, of Elk and Bear: Handpicked which carries the VAULT protectors, “We chose VAULT as our premier credit card holder because of the construction, design and attention to detail that makes them a prefect fit for the Elk and Bear Brand.”

Vault Credit Card and Passport sleeves (set of 10 credit cards and two passports sleeves) are available exclusively at

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