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How To Enable Wirelessly Charging For Your iPhone 6/6s Even Though Apple Refuses To Build In Qi Tech

The world of wireless charging is making more and more fans as the technology continues to spread to several areas. Automakers like GM and Toyota are adding the feature in newer model vehicles. IKEA, hotels, and airport lounges are adding Qi wireless charging. Qi wireless is arguably in the lead in the wireless charging world. There are a number of wireless standards on the market, but Qi is dominating with more chargers, more companies integrating Qi into their phones, and more business adding Qi wireless options for their customers. But Apple isn't one of those companies. Apple has been dragging their feet in integrating Qi wireless into their iPhones for reasons unknown to iPhone users.

"I just bought a 2016 Toyota with built in Qi wireless charging. My iPhone 6 doesn't even work with it because Apple won't build it into the phone like Samsung and others do." Said Apple customer Brian Tate.

So how does one "hack" the iPhone 6 or 6s to make it Qi wireless compatible? To do a proper hack, one must add a wireless receiver case to their iPhone. Elk and Bear has a well designed, sleek, smart looking case that is also protective for the phone and is an effective Qi wireless charger. This is an inexpensive case one can pick up on Amazon.

Simply place the Elk and Bear case on any iPhone 6/6s and it instantly transform the iPhone into a Qi compatible wireless charger. Use it with IKEA furniture, use it in the Virgin Airlines lounge, use it at countless hotels around the world, use it in a Toyota, use it in spite of Tom Cook's unwillingness to add Qi to the iPhone for Apple customers.

"We built our receiver case with Apple users in mind. The design doesn't interfere with the design of the iPhone 6/6s. It makes it capable of working with any Qi wireless system. The lightening port can easily be converted to work wired or wireless without removing the case. I think our design team nailed it." Reports Paul Hamel, COO of Elk & Bear.

Elk and Bear's wireless receiver case for iPhone 6/6s is available exclusively on

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