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Meditation and Movement Part 1

By Elinor Svoboda | August 25, 2023

In preparation for our September blog post featuring Anne Binning, we are sharing an interview with Anne from 2019, which reads just as relevant today as it did then, if not more! Enjoy!

Anne is senior faculty member of the Training in Power Academy and the director of the Master Warriors Program. In Anne’s own words, the Master Warrior program, “brings health, longevity and fitness to our physical forms, while we pursue our spiritual path.”

Anne has a unique passion for merging physical strength and awareness with spiritual growth. We discussed the state of the world and how working with your body and mind can put you in a position to change it.

It’s easy to have anxiety about the world when we read or watch the news. How do you shift out of that anxiety and into positivity when things can feel so helpless?

Everything in the world is comprised of trillions and gazillions of vibrational frequencies. Some are positive frequencies and some are negative frequencies. Consider that anxiety is a frequency. We want the positive frequencies to be more prevalent than the negative ones.

Have you ever seen those morphogenic fields of birds? They synchronize their flying so they look like one entity. Humanity does the same thing with energetic frequencies, we just aren’t consciously aware of it. We have no idea how impacted we are by each other. Maybe you’ve seen how rage catches fire at sporting events or when people riot and cause chaos? Sometimes individuals don’t realize what they’ve done until it’s over, they are so caught up in the collective wave of emotion that’s erupting around them. It’s like that with the anxiety levels on the planet. Not enough people are practising mindfulness to counteract the frequency of the anxiety and calm down.

Most people live energetically just outside their bodies because of trauma and hurt. Everybody has experienced negativity in their lives. It doesn’t just go away, you must remove that negative energy consciously.

In the curriculum of Training in Power, we are trained into how to harness life-force in order to wield it on our behalf for healing. We are able to transform the negative energy so only the positive or pure energy remains. We wield the Love Force of the Universe, supported by Divine Law. We learn, through our own healing how to recognize the Truth as we build our Moral Compass as our foundation.

This work is not for the squeamish. Or for people who don’t recognize that working through the struggles within is worth fighting for. A seeker must absolutely face the self in Truth; to look at your foibles so you can divest yourself of the negative energy in these deep dark places. This allows you to Know Yourself in a most profound, holy way.

What do you see for the future of our world?

I see more of us waking up and taking responsibility for ourselves. Imagine a world where the individual longs to know who they are, so they actively seek to know themselves more intimately.

We have to wake up. We each have to take responsibility for the world we live in. In order for us to have a planet to go home to that has life upon it, including plant life, trees and bugs, vegetables, animals and birds, all of the ecosystems that are exquisitely balanced for sustainability, we have to move inward. We just become more interested in the Vista that is inside of us.

Tell us about the Master Warrior system that you teach. How does it empower people to work with their bodies from a spiritual perspective?

We integrate and nurture the body-mind-heart connection through meditation and movement. This allows us to gain access to more of the depths of oneself. As a result, one begins to over time to slowly mature spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

The meditations themselves, created by founder Faye Fitzgerald, are of such a deeply profound nature that it not only affects at the DNA level, but it affects change at a world level. Our whole philosophy revolves around the concept that as you shift and change internally, so does the world, this includes the physical form!

Find out more about Anne here


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